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CENG532 Distributed Computing Systems

Graduate Course

Mondays 9:40-12:30 (Section 1) and 18:00-21:00 (Section 2) Online

Basics of distributed computing systems. Global state management indistributed computing systems. Communication in distributed systems. Inter Process Communication and remote procedure call. Distribute filesystems. Fault tolerance. Synchronization and deadlocks. Load balancingand process migration. Distributed Operating Systems issues. Project(s).

Ertan Onur
01.12.2021CENG532-2021-1 Syllabus


The semester starts on October 18, 2021. Zoom links and the syllabus are as follows:

Tentative Syllabus that may change until the add/drop week

  • Section 1 on Zoom, Mondays 09:40
  • Section 2 on Zoom, Mondays 18:00